You Can Make This Blue Apron Meal All On Your Own (And You Need to ASAP!)

We LOVE Blue Apron in our house. We like to do it once a month as a treat; it gives us a nice break from meal planning and grocery shopping. What I really love about Blue Apron is it brings new flavors into our house that we wouldn’t normally cook with and we don’t end up having to buy an entire bottle or package of a unique ingredient and watch it go to waste.

Occasionally, we come across a flavor profile that is so out of this world delicious, YET not totally off the wall and when that happens I set the recipe aside because I know this is one I’ll make again on my own. This time, it was the Seared Pork Chops and Fig Compote with Kale and Farro Salad. OH MY GOODNESS, was this delicious. and beautiful. and easy!

While I’m not new to the flavor of fig (I love it!), I am new to cooking with them and pairing them with pork. Normally I just slather fig jam all over every soft cheese I can find. However, this recipe called for dried figs and you can find them ANYWHERE!

You Can Make This Blue Apron Meal On Your Own (And You Need to ASAP!)

The kale and farro salad paired so well with the lemon juice and the pork, I literally could not put my fork down. Excuse my  lack of photos, I was starving, and didn’t think I’d be sharing this recipe, but I would be doing a disservice if I did not pass this along. Share your Blue Apron faves with #neverbeenso!

You Can Make This Blue Apron Meal On Your Own (And You Need to ASAP!)


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