The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Its that time of year again, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is here! As usual, there are different dates when the sale opens up (just sign in and you’ll see when it opens for you!), however, this year Nordstrom has offered a preview of the sale to everyone two weeks prior!…

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Colleen Rothschild Favorites

Ok, so you guys know I’m a BIG Colleen Rothschild fan, like BIG BIG. I started using her products a little over two years ago and have been hooked every since. I started off with a few that became must haves and that has quickly transformed to a solid group…

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If you told a younger me that I’d ever be posting this post, I’d have thought a. that won’t happen to us and b. if it does, there’s no way I’m sharing something so personal. If you’re new here, we miscarried our second baby earlier this year. While it was…

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BLT Pasta Salad

If there’s one thing I eat ALL summer long, its pasta salad. Literally throw anything refreshing in a bowl with pasta and I’m game. But lately, I’ve been really into BLTs. And this is a weird one for me because *dare I say it* I’m not a huge bacon lover,…

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I’m a BIG fan of condiments, ‘the more sauces the better’ is my motto! And now that weather is getting nice its time for alllll the grilling! Will has recently been into cooking red meat (we usually don’t eat a ton of it), so naturally I needed some sort of…

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